2016: Continuing growth

Block Staffing Services Inc. (BSSI) is launched, adding niche business consulting services to the Staffing the Universe portfolio. BSSI specializes in the development, deployment, implementation, and enhancement of staffing and payroll programs.

2017: Our Universe keeps expanding

Industrial Staffing Services LLC is formed to augment the organization's capabilities with unique offerings to support technical, field services, and industrial roles. That same year, the company also becomes certified by WBENC.

2018: More diversity

Block Staffing Services Inc. (BSSI) achieved diversity certification through WBENC.

2018: The Universe takes shape and evolves

To consolidate the breadth of offerings and novel services that each Block-owned company delivers to clients across industries, Staffing the Universe is born. The newly branded parent arrives with a new mission, vision, and calling to deliver the most comprehensive array of total workforce solutions through a centralized ecosystem, optimizing job opportunities for candidates and people solutions for businesses.

2019: A new star is discovered

The inception of FieldLink adds another world to our robust and evolving Universe. FieldLink provides the talent needed to empower the design, implementation, and support of voice data and video networks across the nation, when demand is at an all-time high.