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We solve complex workforce challenges with advanced hiring technologies and unparalleled dedication to customer care. Our mission is to delight clients and candidates with an exceptional experience. We understand that your workforce is unique. Your plan of action for success should be, too.

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  • Modern, network-based recruiting
    • Our highly groomed recruiters concentrate on digital, networking-based strategies built from a combination of job boards, advanced Boolean searching, social media, online marketplaces, associations, professional directories, alumni groups, proprietary networks, diversity organizations, and more.

  • Keen focus on engagement
    • Our strategy relies heavily on socialization, communication, engagement, transparency, candidate interaction, and authentic employment branding. All recruiting, sourcing, and administration functions combine industry expertise and functional domain experience to maximize effectiveness.

  • Consultative approach
    • Our approach is a collaborative partnership. We make our experts available to help clients with workforce strategy, planning, and hiring needs assessments, which exceed the transactional approach of typical staffing firms.

  • Industry experience
    • Tap into four decades of experience in mainstream industries and niche verticals. Staffing the Universe is a rock solid, tenured organization that can deliver, evident in our roster of over 150 preeminent clients, 120 recognized experts on our internal staff, and $155 million in annual revenues.

  • Innovative model
    • Our innovative staffing model involves on-shore recruitment and candidate engagement teams, robust and experienced leadership, and innovations that include proprietary screening methodologies, in-depth interviewing processes, program discovery and client collaboration initiatives, advanced workforce automation tools, and rich data analytics to drive informed decisions while always keeping the needs of people in mind.

  • We're people people
    • At the end of the day, we're all about people. We treat all candidates and clients with the utmost respect and strategically collaborate to meet their goals. Supporting people, connecting talent with exciting opportunities, and empowering our clients to grow or innovate their businesses through incredible professionals is our mission and our passion.

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Job Order Curation

We work closely with clients to glean all details of open positions to enhance service delivery, which includes defining the tasks and core competencies required to do a job, with a keen focus on acculturation. Job descriptions and specifications are created to reflect the needs of the open position for use in ad placements, career event flyers, publications, job board postings, and related sourcing efforts. Advanced profiling techniques help us select the tasks most critical to a job, with the skill levels needed to perform the job effectively.

Elements of the recruiting program include:

  • Sourcing strategy design

  • Relationship-based recruiting

  • Showcasing job opportunities

  • Job profiling

  • Advertisements 

  • Employer branding messaging

  • Database mining

  • Employee referral suggestions and possible design

Advanced Sourcing Strategies

Our highly groomed recruiters unite industry knowledge and functional domain experience across key job categories to maximize effectiveness.

These teams, tiered by specializations to ensure targeted and sweeping sourcing processes, undertake a thorough vetting process to ensure optimal matches.

  • Full pipeline sourcing support for open positions.

  • Determining the most cost effective, creative, and time efficient way to approach each opening.

  • Passive candidate recruiting and creative sourcing.

  • Utilizing social recruiting sources and systems to identify, manage information, and source candidates.

  • Entering, maintaining, and managing database information for received and sourced resumes, utilizing ATS, job boards, social networks, lists and associations, and other sources.

Robust Pipelining

Through a combination of candidate pipelining, virtual benches of ready-to-deploy talent, and a concentrated focus on redeployment strategies, we aim to keep all programs staffed at 110% to prevent any disruption when unforeseen circumstances arise.

By capitalizing on a multi-mode strategy, we build virtual benches of qualified and immediately deployable candidates to support on-demand hiring initiatives. Our techniques include the following:

  • Market research and analytics

  • Social media and diversity strategies

  • Posting and ad placement outreach

  • Database mining and resume screening

  • Pipeline creation and management

  • Networking campaigns to generate referrals and candidate attraction

  • Data transformation initiatives to leverage and provide access to solid, meaningful data from a single source

  • Candidate evaluation solutions

  • Ease of onboarding and socializing new employees


Comprehensive Screening

During our interaction with candidates, we ask Behavioral Interview Questions that are designed to elicit open-ended responses based on prior employment history. When sourcing and qualifying prospective candidates, we perform skills matching, resume ranking, and 2 rounds of interviewing to optimize our submittals. For advanced skills testing, we leverage advanced technology platforms with professionally developed and validated tests to measure a candidate’s skill proficiency, along with aptitude and motivation.

All candidates placed will be furthered screened using a proven methodology. Common elements of screening include:

  • Skill profiling and pre-interviewing

  • Soft skills and cultural fit assessments

  • Culture fit evaluation

  • Hard skills-based testing, where applicable and relevant, through web-based tutorials and assessments

  • Customized skill-based evaluations, tutorials and assessments

  • Comprehensive reference checking

  • Pre-employment requirements established by our clients

  • Comprehensive orientation

Interviews and Offers

Our teams schedule all phone and in-person interviews with hiring or program managers while managing travel and logistics for on-site interviews when necessary. But we go way beyond that.

Our teams coordinate with hiring managers to understand the ideal candidate profile, expectations, attitude, and perspective. We translate that learning into a process for grooming and prepping candidates to ensure an optimal interview.

We stay in constant communication with clients and candidates, ensuring that all aspects of the offer are negotiated and understood. Our teams can coordinate with HR managers to create formal offer letters and packages.

During this process, we optimize time and efficiency by handling several crucial processes.

  • Provide short list of candidates for consideration to hiring manager

  • Manage communications with the client to provide real-time updates

  • Provide research and data that supports recruiting activity

  • Verbal offer notification to selected candidate

  • Creation of written offer letter to be approved by the client’s Human Resources and hiring manager

  • Manage the communication between candidate, HR, and the hiring manager of all offer negotiations

Onboarding and Beyond

Our onboarding processes are customized to each client, location, and role. We ensure that communications and negotiated terms are timely, cost effective, and securely documented in auditable formats.

All placed candidates receive a Welcome Kit with the required information and packets that include I-9s, W4s, direct deposit forms, and others. We assist clients with a customized onboarding process, including the coordination of start dates, duties, contacts, employee ID issuance, and all other required processes

We maintain constant communication with our workers to ensure an optimal experience without friction, unanswered questions, or issues. And during the entire recruiting process, clients are provided with real-time metrics and reports to ensure transparency and performance.

  • Providing input for design and implementation of sourcing strategies

  • Intimately involved in workforce planning discussions and sourcing needs with recruiters

  • Reporting on sourcing results/effectiveness – process improvement and lessons learned

  • Reporting on search progress including candidate pipeline, diversity initiatives, and market related compensation

  • Reporting on candidate contact/virtual benching efforts accomplished by recruiters

  • Managing and tracking all requisition and candidate flow activity

  • Handling other special assignments and functional roles that may be assigned

Case Studies

Centralized recruiting model. High-touch approach. State-of-the-art technology combined with proven recruiting strategies. This is how we support clients from niche needs to high-volume ramp ups—and all other hiring demands in between. We are a flexible and agile staffing partner, committed to helping you fill open roles with the right candidates on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire basis. See for yourself.


Hard to Fill Roles

Case Study

Client: Large manufacturing client

Their problem: A large manufacturing company presented us with a complex challenge involving esoteric requirements, a small number of workers needed, and hard-to-fill skill sets within an accelerated time frame.

Our solution: Because of the higher-than-average insurance requirements, qualifications, and competition for talent in this field, the client’s existing suppliers were unable to fill the positions. Our teams stepped up and found several qualified candidates quickly, and we downsized the pool to the best fit talent. We presented 12 prospects to the client. Workers were selected and the positions filled.

Unique Requirements

Case Study

Client: Pharmaceutical client

Their problem: A large pharmaceutical company engaged in the important work of combatting the COVID-19 pandemic needed 75 workers to assist with the manufacturing and processing of test kits.

Our solution: Because Staffing the Universe had already been involved in national disease tracing and tracking programs, with key members of the company holding Contract Tracer Certifications from Johns Hopkins University, our teams were ideally suited to source and rapidly recruit qualified personnel from our databases. Within 2.5 weeks, all 75 positions had been filled.

We’re national

Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide nationwide coverage through strategically located offices and shared services support delivered from offsite centers of excellence to ensure a recruitment-without-borders approach.

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