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Refocus your team on strategic business initiatives while we work to save you time, money, and the stress of managing your payroll. As a flexible payroll service partner, we can help you achieve your goals by engaging pre-identified talent. Our centralized support model, high-touch approach, state-of-the-art technology, and unrivaled customer service strategies allow us to support all of your workforce needs.Your business is unique. Your action plan for success should be, too.

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  • Technology driven
    • Our proprietary technology platforms and innovative solutions architecture give us the agility to tailor our payrolling models to the specific needs of our clients. Through our automated systems, which include machine learning algorithms, clients and candidates enjoy a digital and seamless payrolling process, augmented by the personal touch of our HR professionals.

  • Eliminate administrative burden
    • Free your team to focus on the strategic work that drives your business. We have a combined staff of 150 experts who can support every payrolling task in house, with 24/7 coverage. Payroll costs your business time and money. Let us uncover new ways for you to save. Our entirely U.S.-based processing ensures flexibility, customization, and an unmatched level of support for any client or candidate need, powered by proprietary database, tracking platforms, and payroll systems.

  • Drive employee satisfaction
    • We conduct annual performance and compensation reviews to ensure employee satisfaction remains at the highest levels. We also conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. Our Employee Outreach programs are staffed with ambassadors who stay in contact with talent to address questions, provide coaching, schedule enhanced trainings, and redeploy established performers to other accounts after they complete their current assignments.

  • Ensure compliance
    • Reduce your risk through co-employment mitigation, errors and omissions, employer liabilities, and other key areas. We share Information on industry hot topics and legal pit falls that help navigate the complexities of changing legal regulations, financial rules, best practices, and trends. Our expertise in legal employment requirements includes FCRA, Sick Pay, FMLA, DOL, EEOC, OSHA, and more.

  • Transition existing workers
    • Our payrolling solutions are designed to accommodate client-sponsored workers. When removing or replacing an incumbent vendor from a program, retaining high-performing workers is crucial. We enjoy a long history of successfully transitioning worker populations of all sizes from a client’s incumbent vendors to our payroll. On average, our teams can complete substantial transitions, up to hundreds of candidates, within 30 days. We process over 3,000 contractors each week, with 10,000 workers onboarded annually.

  • Customization, communication, clarity
    • As the employer of record, we streamline onboarding for payrollees, lower paycheck processing costs, and increase management visibility to overall workforce spend. Our teams will manage all onboarding activities, pay the employees, issue documents, and take on the liability while clients receive hassle-free access to talent. Employee training and benefits options are always customized to support program needs.

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Initiating the Request

We rely on a customizable intake process to initiate a new contractor. Our teams receive a work order form with pertinent information regarding the position, contractor details, cost codes, and more. Once a request is received to enroll a contractor into the payroll program, our team will reach out to candidates within 2 business hours.

The candidate receives a general program overview containing all pertinent information regarding the role, contact details. reporting structures, and more. This call is made by a dedicated Relationship Manager, so the contractor has a single point-of-contact throughout the onboarding process. The Relationship Management team will follow up with an email that highlights the process and reiterates information discussed on the initial call.

The Relationship Management Team remains in touch with the contractor, usually on a daily basis, to ensure that he or she is moving through the process without delay. From there, all compliance items (paperwork, screenings, etc.) are initiated, reviewed, and marked complete. We provide clients with daily and weekly updates, including reporting dashboards that track contractor progress in real time.

Onboarding and Engagement

Our onboarding processes are customized to each client, location, and role. Through this critical phase of the hiring process, we ensure that communications and negotiated terms are timely, cost effective, and securely documented in auditable formats.

  • Offer letter presentation and acceptance

  • Launching drug and background screening, physical and audiogram, finger printing, and any other related onboarding requirement

  • Welcome kit and coordination of completion

  • Coordination with client departments for security and badging

  • Equipment fulfillment (e.g., NDA, badge, parking pass, network access, uniform, etc. as directed by client)

  • Orientation and training assistance, should the client request

  • Ensure that the client can track receipt of all forms and update results

  • Assist the client, where requested, with monitoring performance of hired candidates for the first 90 days, to include no shows, attendance, etc.

If a candidate accepts an offer, the candidate is confirmed for a start date and will be sent standard packets that include I-9s, W4s, direct deposit forms, and others. We assist clients with the customized onboarding process, including the coordination of start dates, duties, contacts, employee ID issuance, and all other required processes.

Comprehensive Screening

During our interaction with candidates, we ask Behavioral Interview Questions that are designed to elicit open-ended responses based on prior employment history. When sourcing and qualifying prospective candidates, we perform skills matching, resume ranking, and 2 rounds of interviewing to optimize our submittals. For advanced skills testing, we leverage advanced technology platforms with professionally developed and validated tests to measure a candidate’s skill proficiency, along with aptitude and motivation.

All candidates placed will be furthered screened using a proven methodology. Common elements of screening include:

  • Skill profiling and pre-interviewing

  • Soft skills and cultural fit assessments

  • Culture fit evaluation

  • Hard skills-based testing, where applicable and relevant, through web-based tutorials and assessments

  • Customized skill-based evaluations, tutorials and assessments

  • Comprehensive reference checking

  • Pre-employment requirements established by our clients

  • Comprehensive orientation

Engagement and Retention

Our goal is to ensure satisfaction and preemptively resolve issues that employees might experience. By fostering ongoing contact with employees, we dramatically improve the candidate experience and cultivate superior retention rates. Our strategy relies heavily on socialization, communication, engagement, transparency, candidate interaction, and authentic employment branding. We rely on a variety of strategies.

  • Clearly articulating goals and objectives for the assignment from the perspective of your organization

  • Collaborating on social media efforts as a joint outreach program to talent

  • Finalizing program strategy and core goals before engagement, addressing challenges to solve and target outcomes

  • Establishing the appropriate communication channels

  • Forming strong alliances with internal stakeholders and influencers

  • Developing a realistic and phased roadmap for accomplishing objectives, clearly delineating milestones and steps toward achieving them

  • Hosting regularly recurring forums with talent to keep them informed and inspiredListening to what they have to say, taking their input to heart, and above all, being genuine

We conduct annual performance and compensation reviews to ensure employee satisfaction remains at the highest levels. We also conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. Our practice is to connect with onboarded workers every 2 to 3 weeks. We believe in a high-touch, interactive, and diligently communicative working experience.

Case Studies

We are unmatched in the payroll services industry. Our in house Threshold Reduction Program (TRP) has been praised for being one of the most innovative and cost effective programs in the industry. Our software in combination with our proven hands-on employee management, onboarding, and transition process leaves clients satisfied again and again.


White Glove Service

Case Study

Client: Fortune 200 Energy Company

Their problem: The client required a partner capable of providing custom payrolling solutions while upholding an exceptional candidate experience.

Our solution: Our teams approached contractors across different levels with a tailored service solution. We ensured that each contractor enjoyed a white glove experience at the time of onboarding and for their entire assignment duration. We also strategically and creatively partnered with the client on unique payrolling opportunities that included working with other recruitment service providers. We received nothing but positive feedback from the recruitment service providers, the clients, and the candidates during their direct engagement with our teams.

Large Transition

Case Study

Client: Leading Scientific Company

Their problem: The client needed a diversity partner for payrolling who could provide special insurance for high-risk positions across all 50 states.

Our solution: We provided the client with a customized program that included knowledge sharing, best practices consulting, and regulatory insight the incumbent could not. We transitioned nearly 700 workers onto our payroll within 7 weeks. We overcame several obstacles the client confronted: geographically spread in remote areas, a wide mix of contractors with low to high pay rates in various fields, many hiring managers to work through, and a lack of full visibility. The client has been with us for over 5 years, and we have continued to receive 100% compliance scores.

We’re national

Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide nationwide coverage through strategically located offices and shared services support delivered from offsite centers of excellence to ensure a recruitment-without-borders approach.

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