Let us solve your most complex IC compliance challenges.

Independent contractors can offer you a serious competitive advantage in today's business environment. We leverage a combination of technology and legal expertise to deliver an IC solution that helps you sleep at night. We cover it all: setting policy, attracting talent, offering various engagement options, credentialing, managing the contract process, onboarding compliantly, offboarding diligently, and re-engaging past performers. We monitor every step in the lifecycle.

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  • Free up your internal teams
    • Independent contractor qualification and compliance is a full-time job. Let us alleviate the burden so your teams can focus on their core business.

  • Improve the contractor experience
    • Our processes integrate seamlessly with yours, creating an enriched experience for your contractors. Engage with top quality talent.

  • Round-the-clock compliance
    • Compliance starts with the intake evaluation and continues through engagement, with ongoing monitoring until offboarding.

  • Navigate complexities
    • The legal landscape is intense, and policy makers continually change legislative regulations on local, state, and federal levels. Let us navigate these challenges for you. 

  • Scalability and complexities
    • We provide enterprise-level solutions to every kind of organization. Whether you need a single gig worker or esoteric specialists, our ICs know how to get the job done. 

  • Best practices in indemnification
    • Legal language can be complicated. We share best practices and common pitfalls around indemnification and insurance.

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Robust Solution

By offering both service and software components to the program, we support a streamlined process to facilitate the development of a low-risk, compliant 1099 classification and engagement program. We utilize a combination of leading 1099 validation tools and expert oversight by our in-house 1099 compliance expert and legal counsel.


Qualifying standards evaluate the IC based on independent business history and structure, main control factors (Financial, Behavioral, and Relationship of Parties), and the IC’s ability to carry the required business insurance.

Qualification and Deployment

Deployment of the Independent Contractor Management program offers the following features:

  • Development of client specific criteria and workflows

  • Evaluation for compliance against the federal (IRS), state, and local guidelines

  • IC compliance questionnaire automated by technology, reviewed by professional experts on staff, and validated by internal counsel

  • Review of the questionnaire results along with supporting documentation

  • Recommendation of the appropriate worker classification from the compliance team

  • Ability to transition workers who do not meet the criteria for IC into our payroll service offering

Legal Recommendation

Our organization retains in-house counsel to act as the final decision maker for all matters concerning labor laws, worker classification, and wage and hour rules.

Case Studies


Federal Contractors

Case Study

Client: Federal Agency

Their problem: A federal government agency needed to contract with hundreds of independent contractors for a large-scale project, but encountered challenges in properly vetting the candidates.

Our solution: Our compliance and legal teams rose to the challenge, interviewing over 300 potential contractors and initiating a full validation process. We have years of experience in qualifying independent contractors, determining misclassification issues, and rendering decisions of actual ICs versus W2 workers. The properly qualified contractors engaged with the agency while those who failed the assessment were able to participate as W2 employees payrolled through Staffing the Universe.

We’re national

Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide nationwide coverage through strategically located offices and shared services support delivered from offsite centers of excellence to ensure a recruitment-without-borders approach.

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