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  • Expert HR consulting services
    • For over 40 years, our team members have provided consulting services to large Fortune-ranked companies, public sector agencies, and small- to mid-sized organizations looking to improve performance through process, technology, and organizational recommendations.

  • A wealth of industry knowledge
    • We consult with our clients on a wide range of pressing and critical issues such as IC compliance, government contracting support, workplace legal topics like classification and exemption, international operations, and more.

  • Comprehensive consulting solutions
    • Our consulting solutions cover business process improvement, executive-level human resources management, education, training, technological and organizational systems development, general business management, product management, and recruitment process planning and delivery.

  • A wide array of specialties
    • Our solutions include workforce technologies such as vendor management systems (VMS), applicant tracking systems (ATS), online recruiting platforms, and others. We also specialize in workforce planning, recruitment optimization services, organizational assessments, workforce diversity and inclusion strategies, change management, and more.

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Our team will utilize data, review processes, and interview stakeholders to develop and deliver current state assessments with recommendations for developing a best-in-class program tailored to the client’s culture. Deliverables include the following:

  • Evaluation of current state policies around the engagement and management of contingent workers, with recommendations for implementing best practices

  • Interview and summary analysis of client stakeholders to understand how they utilize contingent labor, obtain and onboard workers, and the areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the current state program

  • Analysis the client’s historic and contemporary contingent worker data

  • Identification of potential co-employment and compliance risks, cost savings strategies, operational processes, and automation benefits

  • Recommendation of potential options for technology (VMS, talent cloud), and contingent workforce management (MSP, Prime Vendor, Hybrid).

Consulting Strategies

Our workforce consultants execute the following strategies:

  • Conduct analysis through a review of current functions, responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges within the organization

  • The analysis will include interviews with key staff and round table discussions with key stakeholders

  • Complete a review of best management practices for similar structuring at peer organizations, locally and nationally

  • Provide a detailed report of data and processes that actually exist within the client organization

  • ·Provide a report with recommended and alternative organizational structure, processes and technologies, as well as related change management and implementation methodologies

  • Provide a comprehensive implementation plans and timelines for each stage

  • Provide a cost estimate and Return on Investment (ROI) for implementing each recommendation, based on current workforce related expenditures

Design and Approach

WCS’s organizational design approach will allow for the creation of an effective structure that enables CLIENT to achieve its program objectives through a proven four-step process:

  • Baseline Existing Capabilities

    • Develop or evaluate skills inventory

    • Document or review business process or technology changes

    • Conduct gap analysis

  • Analyze Organizational Alternatives

    • Research organization models

    • Conduct benchmark discussions

  • Develop Organizational Blueprints

    • Develop initial structure

    • Determine workforce distribution

    • Confirm headcount

  • Implement Organizational Changes

    • Select organization model

    • Develop sourcing plan

    • Execute communication plan

    • Execute sourcing plan

Maximize Program Value

With contractors on assignment all over the country, we understand the laws & regulations to maintain total compliance for all clients.

Our nationwide presence with impressive local knowledge can help you optimize your employees' value, while leveraging excellent business management strategies to increase performance, decrease turnover, and foster the highest levels of engagement.

We can enlighten you on the latest recruiting strategies to attract the best candidates. We'll share market data, industry insights, and overall best practices.

Our clients come to us as experts in legal and regulatory practices, co-employment risk mitigation, industry trends and research, unique knowledge of licensing and security clearances, independent contractor compliance, Service Contract Act (SCA)/Wage Determination (WD), fringe benefits, statutory changes, and more.

Case Studies

Through experience comes knowledge, and our business consulting group looks to share the lessons that have come from being in the staffing, payroll service, and consulting industry for decades.


Unrivaled Expertise

Case Study

Client: National Utility

Their problem: A large and critical national utility was suffering from substantial deficits in recruiting capable, qualified resources while maintaining compliance with regulations.

Our solution: Monte Block and his team have consistently been recognized as influencers and thought leaders in the space. He has led the creation of staffing teams at every U.S. nuclear power plant, laboratory, research facility, and storage facility. This has included the full cycle of testing, start-up, operations, maintenance, refurbishment, replacement, and decommissioning of facilities. He has delivered experts on all types of reactors, nuclear islands, BOP, and auxiliary support facilities. From inception, design, engineering, fabrication, through issues (TMI 79-12, Chernobyl, and Fukushima updates), modifications and updates to the most recent code releases and changes, we delivered with a rare level of insight and past experience in the rigid regulatory and compliance standards.

Enterprise Optimization

Case Study

Client: Aerospace Leader

Their problem: A leading aerospace innovator was struggling to grasp complex workforce rules even as the program had expanded to incorporate a managed service provider (MSP).

Our solution: Even with an enterprise-wide MSP running the contingent workforce program, which spanned a disparate population of workers from IT professionals to mechanical engineers and literal rocket scientists, the client needed greater insight to workforce trends, hiring strategies, market rate analysis, exemptions, exposure to industrial risks, and transitioning workers from departing incumbent vendors. We launched a comprehensive assessment and reivew process, followed by recommendations that reduced liability, bolstered safe working conditions, consolidated processes, and allowed the client to take its workforce program internal, eliminating the need for the MSP without sacrificing process or cost efficiencies, vendor management, and recruiting.

We’re national

Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide nationwide coverage through strategically located offices and shared services support delivered from offsite centers of excellence to ensure a recruitment-without-borders approach.

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