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The employment landscape today is legally complex and difficult to navigate with ease. Let us show you the benefit of partnering with an industry expert who understands the in-depth nuances of the regulatory environment. 

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  • Take advantage of expert HR consulting services
    • Tap into our 40-year history of practical and academic HR expertise to get the information and strategies you need to stay ahead of the curve.

  • A wealth of industry knowledge at your fingertips
    • We consult with our clients on a wide range of pressing and critical issues such as IC compliance, government contracting support, workplace legal topics like classification and exemption, international operations, and more.

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Talent Management

Our team works in tandem with HR to analyze compensation strategies, benefit offerings, policy management, employee relations, investigations, surveys, training, and more.

Optimize Your HR Organization

Our consultative team helps you decide which HR functions are best handled in-house or through a strategic partner. Gain efficiency through our expertise. 

Stay On Top of Legal Issues

We can advise you on the hottest legal topics in the workplace, such as FCRA, Co-Employment, FMLA, DOL, EEOC, OSHA, IRS, Sick Leave, and more.

Nationwide Expertise

With contractors on assignment all over the country, we understand the laws & regulations to maintain total compliance for all clients. Nationwide presence with impressive local knowledge. 

Human Capital Management

We'll help you optimize your employees' value, while leveraging excellent business management strategies to increase performance, decrease turnover, and foster the highest levels of engagement. 

Talent Acquisition Strategies

We can enlighten you on the latest recruiting strategies to attract the best candidates. We'll share market data, industry insights, and overall best practices.

Case Studies

Through experience comes knowledge, and our business consulting group looks to share the lessons that have come from being in the staffing, payroll service, and consulting industry for decades.


Unrivaled Expertise

Case Study

Client: National Utility

Their problem: A large and critical national utility was suffering from substantial deficits in recruiting capable, qualified resources while maintaining compliance with challenging regulations.

Our solution: Monte Block and his team have consistently been recognized as influencers and thought leaders in the space. He has led the creation of staffing teams at every U.S. nuclear power plant, laboratory, research facility, and storage facility. This has included the full cycle of testing, start-up, operations, maintenance, refurbishment, replacement, and decommissioning of facilities. He has delivered experts on all types of reactors, nuclear islands, BOP, and auxiliary support facilities. From inception, design, engineering, fabrication, through issues (TMI 79-12, Chernobyl, and Fukushima updates), modifications and updates to the most recent code releases and changes, we delivered. Our subject matter experts bring a rare level of insight and past experience in the rigid regulatory and compliance standards such as NRC, Fitness for Duty, FERC, and more.

We’re national

Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide nationwide coverage through strategically located offices and shared services support delivered from offsite centers of excellence to ensure a recruitment-without-borders approach.

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