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Laboratory Technician

  • Location: Bethesda, MoCo, Maryland
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted 16 days ago

  • Sector: Government
  • Start Date: 2022-01-10
  • Job Ref: 22-01145
The purpose of this position is to support the research activities of the NINDS Viral Production Core Facility.

Certifications & Licenses
* Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Skills (Ranked By Priority)
1. Produce purified subclinical grade AAV and lentiviruses by completing a variety of cellular and molecular methodologies and assays including: Plasmid DNA cloning; Tissue culture; FLPC; Ultracentrifugation; RNA Isolation; Real-time PCR (RTPCR)
2. Perform experiments in accordance with protocols
3. Provide general lab management including stocking of supplies and reagents
4. Operate and routinely maintain and calibrate laboratory equipment
5. Data Analysis
6. Maintain a clean and organized laboratory working environment
7. Procure laboratory supplies, reagents and equipment
8. Comply with laboratory safety procedures and regulatory policies to ensure a safe laboratory environment
9. Maintain a daily notebook that includes accurate, detailed records of laboratory experiments
10. Pipetting
11. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), qPCR, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR
12. Molecular Cloning
13. Gel Electrophoresis
14. Nucleic Acid Extraction
15. SOP writing
16. Work under BSL 1 and BSL 2 level
17. Equipment Maintenance
18. Inventory Management
19. Ordering Supplies
20. Maintaining Stock Solutions
21. DNA Purification
22. RNA purification
23. Nucleic acid quantification
24. Cell culture

* Outlook

Field of Study
* Molecular Biology

* Complete annual laboratory safety training - Yearly
* Work products and documents related to designing and conducting research procedures and studies, calibrating and operating laboratory instruments and monitoring the handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances - Daily
* Clean Equipment - Daily
* Inspect Equipment - Weekly
* Meet with lab members to present updates - Daily
* Work products and documents related to quality assurance reviews - Daily
* Work products related to monitoring inventory and preparing orders for supplies - Weekly
* Computer generated work including analysis and interpretation of data and summaries of laboratory findings, conducting literature searches for new methods and procedures and preparing manuscripts, abstracts and/or posters - Daily

**Plans, executes, and arranges laboratory experiments, new techniques and procedures; and performs laboratory techniques relating to scientific research.**
* Perform fundamental procedures required for research projects
* Perform routine experiments and tests, including tissue culture, cell separation, protein, and quantitative and qualitative analysis
* Follow established procedures and protocols; utilize aseptic technique to perform experiments
* Perform a variety of laboratory techniques and procedures

* Perform routine analysis and tests on specimens in the laboratory
* Perform experiments on samples according to protocols
* Perform routine experiments and tests; follow established procedures and protocols
**Operates laboratory machines and instruments; and prepares specimens and equipment for use.**
* Prepare materials and equipment for experiments
* Maintain stocked supplies and records of working reagents, including fixatives, buffers, solvents and staining
* Process and organize multiple samples simultaneously
* Work with a variety of routine and specialized laboratory instruments and equipment in the laboratory

* Ensure that all specimens and equipment necessary for experiments are available and in good order
* Prepare specimens and equipment for use in the laboratory
**Performs sample management and storage.**
* Maintain inventory system and sample storage according to outlined guidelines
* Ensure that policies and procedures regarding sample retrieval and use are followed
* Work with staff to implement storage and distribution of biological samples for future scientific research
**Analyzes, documents and reports on all procedures performed.**
* Update and maintain written laboratory record of the work
* Collect and enter research data into laboratory notebooks and databases

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