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Electrical Engineer II

  • Location: Richmond, City of Richmond, Virginia
  • Salary: 30-48 per hour
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted 27 days ago

  • Sector: Engineering
  • Start Date: 2021-10-01
  • Job Ref: 21-21473
Job Summary
A contractor of Engineer I – Engineer II – Engineer III would be reviewed for this position and rate would be reflective of that knowledge and skillset. Please see below to see which job your contractor need to be associated with:

• Electrical Engineer I - 0-3 years of relevant Electrical Engineering experience.
• Electrical Engineer II – 3-6 years of relevant Electrical Engineering experience.
• Electrical Engineer III – 6+ years of relevant Electrical Engineering experience.

This role is developed for the novice to the advanced level position in the engineering hierarchy. It may include beginner to technical expert engineers, able to perform difficult and complex work requiring thorough knowledge of the subject matter and significant experience within functional assignment area. Any of the three engineering titles may be filled depending on candidate experience and qualifications.

Knowledge of engineering theories and principles needed. Skilled in use of advanced techniques and modification and extension of theories, precepts and practices of the field and related sciences and disciplines. Strong leadership skills with proven ability to serve as team project lead. Strong oral and written communication skills (includes technical writing). Schedules and coordinates major segments of complex projects to meet cost and time objectives. Plans and conducts work requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. Devises new approaches to problems encountered and develops engineering criteria ensuring compliance with design criteria and standards.

Dominion Energy's Electric Distribution/Transmission System Protection Engineering Department is seeking a motivated Electrical Engineer (I, II, or III) to support the company's evolving Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Commissioning "Configuration Control” program.

The Distributed Energy Resources are also known as Solar/Wind/Battery systems connected to our grid.

• Perform and establish the process of managing commissioning responsibilities, organizational and customer interfaces
• Project review and documentation
• Daily travel to conduct site verifications/inspections
• Processes associated with the "Visual Configuration Verification” of Solar/Wind/Battery projects interconnecting to the Dominion Energy Bulk Power System.
• Apply a diversified knowledge of engineering principles and Solar/Wind/Battery Storage Commissioning experience to major projects that have a significant impact to the system.
• Will be expected to provide technical expertise and team leadership as needed and will need to be comfortable working in a team – oriented environment.

Job Activities:
• Conduct Solar/Wind/Battery "Site Visual Verifications/Inspections” in accordance with established procedures and company safety practices. This may include weekly travel to various Solar/Wind/Battery sites being connected to the Dominion Energy grid. The visual Verifications/Inspections will be performed on Distribution as well As Transmission connected sites.
• Collect and Review DER site Design Considerations, Functional Requirements, Single Line Diagrams (SLDs), Test Reports, Manufacturer Vendor Technical Manuals, Equipment Specifications, Inverter Software Programming Reports, Programming Standards, Interconnection Requests/Agreements, Construction Standards, Inspection Reports, Industry Reports, and Internal Engineering Documentation.
• Coordinate site visitations with DER project Owners/Developers as the Dominion Energy Commissioning Representative. Conduct meetings with stakeholders as necessary to help explain the program and answer questions.
• Identify any inconsistencies, discrepancies, and noncompliance issues between the physical site configuration/field conditions and documentation on file.
• Assess the impact of DER interconnections to Distribution/Transmission systems.
• Document DER site Verification/Inspection findings in appropriate project folders and notify appropriate departments of those findings.
• Take pictures of DER Site equipment (Panels, Inverters, Pad Mount Transformers, Overhead Construction, PTs, CTs, Metering Equipment, Reclosers, Switches, Electrical Panels/Connections, Ground Transformers, Ground Banks, Ground Resistors, etc.), Equipment Nameplate Information, Point of Interconnection (POI), Substation Equipment/Connections, SCADA Systems, Communication Equipment, Control Equipment, Control House Internals, etc.
• Update project information on various excel files and Dashboards. Learning to navigate through new software when needed.
• Participate in extra projects associated with DER when necessary.
• Develop Power Point presentations and present on various DER subjects. Manage multiple projects at the same time.
• Develop Commissioning procedures, construction standards, checklists, or any other guidance documentation to improve design and produce higher quality audits of DER sites.
• Provide expert technical support to various Dominion Energy Generation/Distribution/Transmission Engineering Departments, Management, Solar Developers, Equipment Vendors, or any Stakeholders involved with DER project interconnections.
• Perform computer simulations or technical analysis studies associated with DER.
• Operate EPRI Software Tool for verifying Inverter Settings.
• Provide questioning attitude, critical thinking, comments, and suggestions on the improvement to Dominion's Commissioning "Configuration Control” program.
• Participate in various company teams and industry – level organizations (IEEE, EPRI, etc.) to enhance Electric Transmission's/Distribution's system protection, communication, and control performance. This includes any benchmarking activities as well.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experiences:
Required knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences will be taken under consideration depending on the engineering position applied for, candidate qualifications, and personal experience.
• Skilled in use of advanced techniques and modification and extension of theories, precepts and practices of the field and related sciences and disciplines.
• Strong leadership skills with proven ability to serve as team project lead.
• Strong personal computer skills.
• Ability to think analytically and solve complex problems.
• Ability to interpret codes, regulations and practices.
• In depth knowledge of various computer applications, with the ability to manipulate personal computer applications and perform engineering calculations using applicable software programs (e.g. Excel, Matlab etc.).
• Equally effective working independently or in team environment.
• Proven decision making skills.
• Ability to process information quickly and effectively manage multiple tasks.
• Strong planning, organizational and project management skills.
• Basic understanding of AC/DC fundamentals, including an understanding of Three-Phase Power Systems and DER systems also known as Solar/Wind/Battery Systems.
• Basic understanding of Power System Protection
• Basic understanding of Control Systems.
• Ability to learn and operate new software in a timely manner.
• Experience with DER related systems or projects.
• Ability to write Technical reports, format Power Point presentations, and work with Microsoft Office.
• Ability to manage time, prioritize workload, and multitask on various projects.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experiences:
• Prior Knowledge/Skill/Ability/Experience of the detailed items mentioned below are not required for this position; however, any knowledge/experience of the items mentioned below is a big plus and will be taken under consideration.
• Knowledge of Inverter Settings, Protective Functions, and Protection Philosophy.
• Knowledge of Distribution/Transmission DER connected field equipment such as: Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Pad Mount Transformers, Ground Banks, Ground Resistors, Inverters, Converters, PTs, CTs, Reclosers, Metering, Breakers, Isolation switches, Combiner Cabinets, Capacitor Banks, Reactor Banks, Schweitzer Relays, Capacitor Banks, Reactor Banks, Substations, Control Houses, Transfer Trip communication mediums etc.
• Experience inspecting DER field equipment, identifying problems, documenting findings, and formulating corrective actions
• Experience with DER construction methods/standards, workmanship issues, and quality of materials.
• Knowledge of Relay Power System Protection philosophy on Distribution/Transmission systems.
• Familiarity of Aspen One Liner software.
• Knowledge of Distribution/Transmission Power System Control and Power System Analysis.
• Knowledge of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) system impacts to Utility Grid.
• Knowledge of DER Cyber Security Requirements.
• Knowledge on DER Testing Requirements during Commissioning.
• Knowledge of DER SCADA Controls and Communication systems.
• Knowledge of DER Power Quality issues and solutions.
• Knowledge of Power Electronics.
• Ability to interpret Oscillography Waveform Data.
• Knowledge of DER industry guidance documents for Distribution and Transmission such as (IEEE 1547, IEEE 2800, IEEE 519, PRC-024, etc.).

BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from ABET accredited engineering program.
MS Degree in Electrical Engineering from ABET accredited engineering program with focus on Power Electronics and/or Solar Power preferred.