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3rd Shift (2300-0730) Environmental Services Attendant (GSW III)

  • Location: King of Prussia, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted about 1 month ago

  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Start Date: 2022-01-10
  • Job Ref: 21-28202
Full-time positions
Variable schedules. Every other weekend rotation. Holiday rotation
Responsible for a variety of tasks in order to maintain required Hospital standards of sanitation, cleanliness and aesthetic appearance. Performs a variety of housekeeping tasks, including but not limited to, cleaning fixtures and fittings, disinfecting horizontal and vertical surfaces, bed sleep surface preparation, and waste and linen removal.
Arrive prepared to begin working.

 Attendance System within the Department.
• Verifies assignment with immediate supervisor.
• Ensures availability of all supplies needed for entire shift.
• Checks equipment prior to usage to ensure correct and safe operation.
Attain/maintain all assigned areas to the required level of cleanliness following designated protocol including infection control.
• Cleans soft floor surfaces utilizing dry and wet methods, including vacuuming and spot clean with a cloth or hand- held machine, etc.
• Replenishes all assigned supplies as required (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, lotion soaps, etc.).
• Damp dusts/disinfects all environmental surfaces, fixtures, fittings, and vertical and horizontal high and low.
• Cleans unit-based equipment (monitor, TVs, patient control panel, cribs, beds, etc.).
• Empties and removes all (types of) waste/linen containers in conjunction with correct protocol(s).
• Cleans/relines waste/linen containers in conjunction with correct protocol(s).
• Strips and removes linens from sleep surfaces (beds, cribs, etc.) in accordance with correct protocol(s). Cleans sleep surface. Prepares sleep surface with clean linens as per correct protocol(s).
• Follows all notification protocols with regards to cleaning/reporting of all discharges/requests.
• Utilizes all manual and electrical equipment including but not limited to vacuum cleaners/buffers/high speed burnishes, etc., following all safe work practices and agreed protocols.
• Utilizes all "Hospital Approved” cleaning agents (chemicals) as per protocol, always mindful of safe and correct practices and protocols.
• Notifies "supervisor” of specific needs (job related maintenance requests, unsafe conditions, etc.).
• Moves furniture for cleaning purposes to ensure task completion.
• Returns furniture, etc. to original location once work is completed.
• Performs other duties/tasks as assigned.
Completes the assigned work, schedule and shift.
• Ensures closet/cart/all used equipment is left in clean and operable condition per Department Policy.
Utilizing the Time and Attendance System, should be no earlier or later than within 5 minutes of actual shift end (if required, due to work requirements this time may be extended at the request of a supervisor).

• Good communication.
• Able to safely and effectively operate industrial cleaning equipment.
• Must present professional demeanor and attitude.
• Ability to deal effectively with the public and all hospital personnel.
• Math capability for translating/interpreting/converting chemical ratio and measure effectively.
• Reading capability for following written instruction and posted chemical/biohazardous/radiation warning labels/signage
• Able to safely and effectively operate industrial waste disposal equipment.
• Must be flexible in schedule depending on assignment.