Health & Wellness

This page consists of a series of editorial articles presented for the purpose of increasing healthy workplace and life practices.

To Gluten or NOT to Gluten, that is the question!

My Name is Lynda Ramos-Prado, and I have been gluten free, mainly to help in battling my autoimmune disease.  I am constantly searching for healthy delicious alternatives.  In my quest to add value to all of our employees and friends, I want to share some… More »

Healthy Eats – Simply Seedy Slaw

Staffing-the-Universe family of companies believe in adding value to all of our employees.  One great way to do this is by helping people to live and eat a little bit healthier. In this spirit, our Health and Wellness committee spends time researching, preparing, and testing… More »

A Workplace Culture of Physical Activity

There are many important reasons to promote physical activity in the workplace, as well as many ways how to! In a recent article on they explained that more opportunities in the workplace for physical activity lead to healthier employees and overall stronger performance. Not… More »

2017 Wear Red Day

The Staffing-the-Universe family of companies is happy to once again support a Wear Red Day for all of our employees.  Our Charity Committee and Health and Wellness Committee have partnered together to plan the Second Annual Wear Red Day to support the American Heart Association.… More »

Did You Know Why You Should Stand-Up?

A recent study showed that prolonged sitting (for 8 to 12 hours or more a day) increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%. You can counteract the effects of sitting by standing up or walking around for at least 1 minute every… More »