Health & Wellness

This page consists of a series of editorial articles presented for the purpose of increasing healthy workplace and life practices.

Almond Milk: The Latest Health Trend

Here at Staffing-The-Universe, our vision is to empower people. We not only wish to empower people by connecting them to employment opportunities, but we also wish to empower people by encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles, and to take care of their physical and mental… More »

Stress in America

At Staffing-The-Universe, we are committed to not only connecting people with employment opportunities, but also enhancing the value in our universe. According to TIME Health, Americans are more worried than ever about the current state of our country. Every year, the American Psychological Association conducts… More »

Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance

While everyone’s idea of “work-life balance” may differ, there are ultimately a few underlying patterns that may help one achieve a better balance between a hectic work schedule and a healthy amount of personal time. With the unprecedented advancements being made in technology in the… More »

Diabetes and Meal-Timing

As a company that promotes the importance of staying healthy, here at Staffing-The-Universe we encourage others to partake in healthy eating habits that will benefit them both in the present and in the future. U.S. News has highlighted the importance of diabetics not only eating… More »

Problems Hit the Gym, They All Workout

The health and wellness of our candidates, clients and employees is concentric to Staffing-the-Universe’s mission to improving the Universe.  A certified means of improving overall health is through exercise.  People have incredibly busy schedules with maintaining relationships at work, home, and within their community and… More »